New Year, New Beginning!

So I started this new year eager and ready to go. I am very happy with almost every part of my prepping and personal life balance. The problem is with our number 1 prep, our bodies. I had plans to move forward in the past, and I allowed things to get in the way. There is no need for excuses here, as this is just me. I allowed myself to let these excuses get in my way.

When I decided to quit smoking, then completely cut out tobacco and nicotine, I had to be ready mentally. There were times I said I wanted to quit, but I wasn’t truly ready. I thought I was, but then I allowed myself to fail, giving myself some kind of bull shit excuses. I knew I was ready when I finally quit because, well, I am a few years out from the last time I used any tobacco or nicotine. That spot is where I am now with personal fitness.

I talked a few years ago about Project Valhalla. Valhalla, from my very basic understanding, is where warriors went when they died to keep training until Odin needed this army to fight in ragnarok. For my personal use here, I call it Project Valhalla because I was physically more a warrior in my marine corps days, and that warrior has died as I got fat and lazy. Let’s face it, so many of us do.

I know how many people talk about New Year’s resolutions being a joke or fad, but I think that the reason people wait until the new year is because the food of the holidays is always delicious and we are all with family. Starting the new year, there aren’t any real meal heavy holidays until what, Easter? That gives you a good block of time to set new habits. I am ready, and this is the start of my New Year New Me story.

I started 2023 at a whopping 267 lbs. This is disgusting. The timing is nice for this because, at work, they are doing a biggest loser competition, so with me being ready to make the changes, it is an added bonus. Last time work did one of these, the winner won $600. Added incentive one might say.

Anyways, the start of this is to get my diet on track. I am doing something I have done before and was very effective. This revolves around 1 serving of oatmeal for breakfast and chicken and broccoli for dinner. I am currently on day 3 of new me. Here is how it has gone thus far.

1/3/23- Breakfast was oatmeal, dinner was Chicken and peas.

1/4/23- Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch was a chicken thigh, and dinner was a chicken leg. This was interesting. Last time I did this meal plan, I lost 39#’s in 6 weeks, but it took a week or so where I was still feeling hungry. This time, on day 2, I had to almost force the chicken leg down. I just was not hungry, like at all. I did mess up today without thinking. I had coffee in which I normally use sugar and milk/creamer in. I used no sugar, but I did use creamer which has sugar in it. I write this as an honest push here, with integrity, and because messing up isn’t the end of the world, but being able to push through the mess up and keep going is important.

1/5/23- Today will be the same, but with 1 added bonus. I am starting relatively slow, and adding as I move on. Before breakfast, I walked a 2.7 mile trail. I will have my bowl of oatmeal and bring my chicken leg and broccoli to work.

I will not be posting every day, per se, but I will be updating every few days as this borderline journal of my personal growth and development will be important for me to keep track of the ups and downs and keep me honest with myself. I have no problems writing about my missteps, but to me, writing them makes them stick a little more.

During this time of personal growth, which, for now, is a short term goal of a 1 month and a 3 month plan, I am also working on making some changes in me as well. There are some negatives that I have let become the normal that need to change. I am also going to start learning some new and interesting things that will develop skills useful to a prepper and a prepping community. As we keep moving forward, the world may leave us behind, so working towards goals is invaluable.

With that, I am going to say farewell and stay safe and stay prepared.

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