Political and Social confusion in the U.S.

Politics are such a hot topic item, and people do not want to have the conversations, but instead rather argue with no sense on reason. The U.S. is in such a downward spiral and the division being placed with in its citizens appear to be done on purpose. The division between races, which the average citizen could care less about, or the division between left and right. People forget we are all American first and foremost, and that most of us live in the center politically, with different opinions on hot button topics.

Right now, guns and abortion are some of the biggest dividers for politics. These are some opinions on abortion from a level headed and willing to talk about the topics person. I will not push my personal opinions, but a logical conversation on the topic ahead. The Supreme Court reversed Roe V. Wade because it is not explicitly covered by the constitution. I can understand it. I don’t have to agree on a personal level, but I can understand it. Abortion laws were then placed on the state level to prevent government over-reach. Preventing government overreach I am ok with.

A large problem came from when it was passed to the state level. Some states banned it, which is a states right, but then some states made it illegal to go to another state to have an abortion. Once you cross state lines, you are out of the states jurisdiction, and then it would become federal territory. State laws cannot extend beyond the reaches of the state. This is my understanding, and I may be wrong.

Another issue on the topic is that, prior to Roe V. Wade, abortions still happened, but were in dangerous dirty back offices and vans with rudimentary tools and unsanitary conditions, along with sometimes questionable medical qualifications. They still happened. Some state offer safe places to shoot up heroine with clean needles and no consequence for using illegal drugs. Why? Because the thought is that a safe and clean place to do your drugs is safer than doing them in some dirty alley with shared needles. Wierd? Even if illegal, we would rather them be done in a safe and clean environment, but for illegal drugs? Food for thought.

Another issue I find is one where I cannot provide a fool proof solution. When I had my vasectomy, my doctor would not schedule it until he talked with my wife. If I was unwed, he would need to talk to my girlfriend, and if I was single, to talk to my mother. This was to ensure that I wasn’t making a bad decision or taking the opportunity away from, say, my wife or girlfriend to have kids without their knowledge. The mother part was kind of wierd, but it was probably meant to open up conversation and make sure it is really what I want. The problem is that, theoretically, my wife could go and have an abortion without my knowledge and kill what could have been our child. Perhaps she was raped or cheated, and didn’t want that conversation, or maybe she would make a decision that effected us both, who knows? But that could happen.

That being said, the idea of specific qualifications for abortion are also kind of strange. You are only permitted if you were raped, a victim of incest or it risks the life of the mother. I am not the judge, jury and executioner, and I do not need to justify what another person’s decision is. I don’t know your situation nor can I really judge what your decision is based on. I think there needs to be a time limit on abortions outside of certain restrictions. Right now, the gestationally youngest child to ever live was born at 21 weeks and 5 days. That is a hard number that a child was able to survive with medical intervention. When does a clump of cells become a life is a very hard question, but I submit this number as the start of a serious talking point.

Abortion should not be just as easy as using a condom. Day after pills shouldn’t be bought like aspirin and tylenol. The reason I say this is because, while accidents happen, these do not prevent the spread of disease, and that is something it seem society has forgotten about. Day after pills, in my opinion, should be accessible. My wife and I had an incident once when had to use one. It was after my daughter was born, and she was breast feeding and, do to other issues as well, could not be on birth control at the time. We had a condom break. We took swift action utilizing the day after pill. This was a one time thing, and with a married couple. Things happen, and accessibility should be available as this really prevents the fertilization process, and cannot really be considered killing a life. This argument I never understood. This is before the sperm fertilizes the egg.

Moving onto my last talking point, at the end of the day, this one controversial topic is going to destroy republicans in the upcoming elections. Political figures are supposed to follow what the American people want, as we vote for them and pay them by our increasingly ridiculous tax rates. It is no joke that the U.S. political show appears to be a comedy by the rest of the world. The U.S. is a laughing stock, and losing its global renown faster than the dollar is losing its global currency status and faster than our inflation is raising…. I mean lowering, if you follow the “news.” One solution would be to go to the old system, where one wins and the second place becomes VP. Force the parties to work together. Could you imagine a Trump/Biden white house? Yeah, me neither. Nothing would get done.

The fact is that, whether Americans are for or against abortions, it needs to be a conversation, not a line in the sand. The people who voted these politicians into position didn’t have such a major decision to think about at the time they were elected, and don’t know those voted in places views on them. Instead of whipping ban orders, perhaps hold a question on the next ballots, and allow the people to vote what they want. If 65% of people support to ban, at least the people had a say. By appeasing your voter base, even if you disagree, and follow the people, you would truly be a successful politician.

On a personal note, I have mixed feeling about the topic of abortion. I think that you should have made that decision before you are halfway through your pregnancy, but then there are people who never knew they were pregnant. I think there are legitimate reasons and BS reasons, but if it is not my child, why should I have a say? If we provide safe places from illegal drug use, why not at least offer that protection for women who are having an abortion? It is a sensitive topic, and a hard conversation for some to have more logically and less emotionally.

When my wife got pregnant, we were only dating, and her mother asked her if she was getting rid of it. I told my wife if she did that, we were done as there was no redemption between us. We kept the child, got married, and have been going strong for many years. That child is now 12 and on a field trip with friend who may have never known this kid had my wife made a decision all those years ago that could have changed our personal history. That being said, we both partook in the events that led to that child, and we took the responsibility of our decision. We were both sober and of sound mind, and that was our decision.

How can expect you to make a decision based on what I do? I have made good and bad decisions as we all have, and those make us who we are today. The simple fact is that our politicians need to be compassionate and understanding of the people’s needs. Abortion is a complicated and challenging conversation to have, but it needs to be had. Don’t let tempers rage, but instead communicate. The people I deal with every day can have these deep conversations, surely you can too. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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