Pushing Narratives: The Fall

Obviously there is 1 thing on the mind of preppers right now. The effects of the Rittenhouse case. I believe that the jury made the right choice. I believe that if there would have been a guilty verdict, self defense would have been all but impossible and emboldened the rioters and looters, allowing them toContinue reading “Pushing Narratives: The Fall”

Alternative ways to keep kids happy.

We have been planning ahead for Christmas ahead of the shortages. We want to make sure the kids are happy. There are rumors of power issues throughout the winter and gas and heating extremes. We are working on the heating with installing a wood burning stove, and have some forms of propane heat to applyContinue reading “Alternative ways to keep kids happy.”

Using Halloween constuming as a way to prep discreetly.

We have a Halloween party to go to for my dad, and actually had a little extra money in the bank account. The kids costumes were easy for them. For the parents, well, the wife let me do our costumes. I am on quarantine, so online ordering it was. This made it easy. The normalContinue reading “Using Halloween constuming as a way to prep discreetly.”

Second attempt at 1/2 dollar searching.

Well, to start off with, this is another $40 in half dollars. I am enjoying the fact that I will have $80 stored away as spendable cash without having concern of spending it early. I am looking for silver, be it 90% or 40%, but there are signs that this will be yet another bust.Continue reading “Second attempt at 1/2 dollar searching.”

Prepping, not politics, in Biden’s new Orders.

Today Joe Biden placed orders for vaccine mandates nation wide for employers who have 100 or more employees and requested Governors to have all school staff mandated for vaccines. These mandates also include the current option for weekly testing. My work place has a whopping 22% who are vaccinated and 78% who are not. IContinue reading “Prepping, not politics, in Biden’s new Orders.”