Today’s preps done quick and cheap… well, sort of.

I decided today to run into town and purchase some preps. I have saved a little money for this reason. I already bought 5 gallon Mylar bags (10 of them) and the corresponding O2 absorbers. I have 20#’s on pinto beans and 20# of rice stored away in easy access. Along with that, some canned meats, even a can of spam. I also have some little things the kids will like, like some Chef Boyardee ravioli’s and the like. I wanted more, and a longer term food supply…

I went to Walmart. I bought 32.5# of plain salt for $8. Wow, that was quite easy, and affordable. How much trouble could I get myself into? 70# of flour for $14.84. Sure, why not? Let’s toss it in the cart. Sugar, 35# for $13.32, let’s keep going. Pinto Beans, a prepper favorite…there were 3 20# bags and 2 8# bags. 76# for $54.90. Well, we could not do beans without rice. 100# of long grain white rice for $38.22. A little note on the rice, there is a brand, Rico, that was $1.21 cheaper than Great Value for a 20# bag. So, for the tally, on the food actual, we are setting at $129.28.

This was nice and dandy, but we need the 5 gallon buckets. I went to Lowe’s. 10 buckets for $3.98, and lids for $1.88 a piece. The total here was $58.60. 10% military discount puts the price at $52.74, with tax, $55.90. This could have been done cheaper, probably for free if you went to a bakery. So in total, I am at $185.18. Yes, the buckets really hit in the old wallet.

However, I am now happy knowing I am sitting on 313.5 pounds of food stored. Even buying the buckets, I am sitting on $.59/lb. If I went and got the free buckets, you could lower that to $.41/lb. Realistically I did not add the Mylar bags into the price. Let me check real quick…$28.99 on amazon. So, total cost is $214.17. Alright, officially, I am at $.68/lb. Again, there is a lot more to add, but knowing that with my food stores along with water storage, I have enough to feed my family for at least 4 months helps me sleep at night.

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