Covid-19 Vaccine coming?

We are all aware that the FDA has completely changed regulations over the past 8 months to make a vaccine market ready. The problem is when you take short cuts, someone is probably going to pay, and this time it is the American people (technically the world population, but I am American, so that’s where my mind goes.)

I find the timing to be off-putting. This vaccine is going to be pushed through the final approval right between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is an expectation of upticks in cases around 2 weeks after Thanksgiving, continuously into the new year with the holidays. When this vaccine is first sent out, into this group 1a, and more people get sick and die, it will be blamed on the American people for not following the rules. The fact of the matter is that the inherent risk of a rushed vaccine isn’t worth it, in my opinion.

This virus has multiple mutated strains already. There is the mutated strand from the mink in Denmark which has transferred to people. In Oregon, there is another mink farm with the virus. Same virus mutation half a world apart. As of right now, people at the Oregon farm are not reported to have the mutated strain. The vaccine is based on the big bad world wide virus. Just like the flu, this virus will evolve. Unlike the flu, in the first year, this thing has moved to animals and mutated and been found in people.

The administration is looking at who to classify into what category. I fear that if the nursing homes are in group 1a we are going to see a lot of deaths. We will be introducing an incomplete vaccine into the most high risk population. I just do not have a good feeling about all this. There is also a political angle I will not get into, but look at the timing.

By the time people realize what is going on, it will be to late. The sheeple will be begging for this vaccine as numbers rise (due to the rushed vaccine), turning the whole process into a self fulfilling prophecy. All this being said, I hope that I am overly worried, and that all turns our great. I have nothing against vaccines in general, but more-so the rush on making something that never gets done that fast, and is injected into people.

I believe in vaccines, as they have nearly extinguished polio and many other diseases. My problem is that change in procedure. It was not put in place for shits and giggles, but instead to ensure a minimum amount of testing was done to ensure the highest chance of safety among mass production. The highest chance. There is no guarantee. Mix that with rushed numbers, and even recent news talking about different people getting different doses so the test was not even done without bias. Then the people who got less vaccine was reportedly doing better than those who got more? Guaranteed, except for nothing ever is.

Plan for the worst, pray for the best, and be prepared for everything.

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