Happy to be wrong. What is next?

I am glad there was no major attack in the country. That was a concern to me after Aspen and Nashville. I agree that the events in D.C. shouldn’t have gone as far as they did, but I feel like the media is really twisting the events, much like they have through all of 2020.

That Illan Omar want to invoke the 25th to remove Trump from office due to yesterdays events. This was also the biggest argument against any objections to the electoral college votes. After Arizona’s objections, then the rioting, things took a long time to get back to counting the electoral college votes. What was odd was the fact that many senators that signed off on objections rescinded their signature after the events of the day.

There was a fatality, and just like any other situation, perhaps you should listen to the police when they give you an order. It is alright, she was white, so there will not be more riots. How can you demand a group of people, because of what it was about, be treated differently than those terrorist organizations all through 2020, when BLM and Antifa were doing this all throughout the country? This is embarrassing for the American people. I will not get into the constitutionality of the electoral college votes.

I am concerned about the actions of people, and the sad state of things that are leading into a two sided battle. If you look, throughout 2020 there were riots that people were getting beat just because of their skin color (white people.) Police did nothing based on Democratic leaders. We had the CHAZ/CHOP zone where people were getting raped, there were murders and there was a mafia mentality.

When half the population realizes that one side is being praised and the other demonized for the same things, we already know what will happen. Especially when the sides are based on politics, and one political party runs the House, Senate and Presidency. I mean Antifa has been bled out as the victims through the media. The very same media who persecuted the rally in DC.

The problem with the media is that they are playing God in many ways, making fact and fiction twisted in a sense that no one can make sense of. Instead of reporting news, they are to busy winding a tale, hoping to be on the right side of the history books. The Nazi’s thought they were doing the right thing, too. They were not. The media and politics in play are not only showing the American people a movie, but a B-movie.

Media platforms are going out of their way to intentionally make up information prior to certain situations. Look at the week or so leading up to January 6th. Talk of the Proud Boys and Antifa, marking a narrative, and working on this story. While their were probably card carrying members of a lot of groups, the scenarios were already being written. People react based on the news. People think one group is going to be there to force something, the other group will come to the Americans aid. Antifa has been the American love child for the last couple of years. They have been portrayed as patriotic, American and the victims.

Truth be told is that this nation has been in duress for sometime. Looking back at the whole campaign, the only thing our President-elect (per 1-6-2021) has run on was that he wasn’t Trump. Also stated is that when he and Harris disagree, he will fake some illness and be removed from office. Those are your President-elects words. The people did not vote for Biden, they voted against Trump. I am not mad, but I wish everyone would have voted for Jo Jorgenson instead.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have known this my entire life. I was, however, unaware that the media was permitted to put opinion out as fact. I honestly do believe that, moving forward, members of the media should be forced to take an oath like doctors do, because I believe the media causes more harm than any doctor could do. That one tool was all that was needed to break the U.S. Well done, because united we stand, divided we fall, and so shall we begin our descent.

I ranted and raved a little here with some disconnect in my thought train as it moved forward. I cannot pertain to the fact that I myself am biased as well based on my life, from growing up in Brooklyn and southern Florida, to the time in the military to now. Everyone is biased based on their own lives. I just feel that my fellow patriots who put their lives on the line day in and day out, and those who never made it back, would not approve of our country nor the countrymen of today. I daresay that their death was not worth it due to the American people slim majority wanting to be rid of everything American. My friends died for that American freedom that is crumbling, and for what? Not to be here to protect what would have been their families now in time of duress?

Stay safe and stay prepared. Darker times are coming, and it will be from the very Americans who created this monster.

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