Prepping at the first sign of trouble…

Fuel was supposed to be in short supply here in the North East. The news even stated the chance of fuel going upwards of $6-$7/gallon. For real, it didn’t budge. So far the affected area has been the South East. Even so, I jumped onto a basic prep I had neglected. Fuel. I am lucky to live really close to work, and if I needed to, I could ride my bike, although I would be a sweaty mess by the time I got there. I live about 8 miles from my work place.

Anyhow, I picked up a couple 5 gallon gas cans from Harbor Freight a last week. Filled them up and was good to go. I stopped by today to pick up a couple and they were completely out. I am glad I got mine last week. All the vehicles are topped off, and the gas cans are filled. Most people think of gas for the cars, but it is getting to be that time to get the crops in the ground. My little rototiller takes gas. My lawn mower that we use to cut the crass takes gas.

Mowing actually does 2 things for us. Keeps the ticks at bay and gives us greens to put in our compost. We do, on occasion, give some grass clippings to the chickens. This time of year, though, it goes to compost. Just remember the little things you need fuel for. Should something like this happen again, make sure you are prepared. Plan for fuel shortages like most of us are now prepared for TP shortages. I doubt this will be the last time we see a cyber attack wreak havoc on our infrastructure. I urge you guys to be prepared.

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