Prepping, not politics, in Biden’s new Orders.

Today Joe Biden placed orders for vaccine mandates nation wide for employers who have 100 or more employees and requested Governors to have all school staff mandated for vaccines. These mandates also include the current option for weekly testing. My work place has a whopping 22% who are vaccinated and 78% who are not. I find it interesting that my fellow employees are also the majority of the prepping population, Vets. I know not every prepper is a vet as I know that not all people I work with are vets. I am making a very simple comparison.

So, to the prepping side of these mandates. When people see something like this, a major shift in the way our nation works, people tend to panic. This has the potential to see panic buying ahead of what people fear. People have hated the idea of vaccine passports and vaccine mandates, and with this step in that direction, people are going to react as such. It also comes along the idea of potential lockdowns or restrictions in the future. We all remember how people acted early last year when toilet paper was about as common as the 1st edition holo charizard when we were kids, and seemed worth about the same too.

If you have been prepping, I would watch for that, and plan ahead. At the very least, when you see panic buying starting, top off your shopping cart. There are a lot of things coming rather quickly. There is the Russian War Games over the next week, the 9/11 anniversary as we have known terrorist welcomed into our country (mixed with the innocent people that came over,) the supposed 9/18 gathering at the White House that is apparently expected to be as bad as January 6th, which was nothing compared to all the BLM riots in 2020, but those were virtually erased from history, and the fences are being raised around the capitol. There is a lot going on, and there are many openings for people to do bad things that will lead to more government control, and put those of us who refuse out on the fringe.

I think this is the goal, along with Biden taking the fall for whatever happens, and Harris taking the White House. The song “Wake me up when September ends” sounds rather fitting, although I fear we would be the Rick Grimes waking up in the zombie apocalypse. Things have the potential to change hard and fast and the timing seems perfect for turmoil. As all of the preppers have been saying, keep prepping. There is room for error, but I would rather prep and err on the side of caution. My family is the most important thing I have in this world, and I will do what I have to to protect them.

I must still say that my opinion is that it is up to you if you want the vaccine. I see the way other nations are going when it comes to these vaccines, and that terrifies me. I get that other pandemics were ended by vaccines, and I support that, but I still need to see long term effects. Until then, I choose not to take it. Prep for what is in short supply. I am having a hard time finding large bags of rice and beans now, and I see the prices edging up higher. I am also finding it odd that there are social media post asking people to report people who are too prepared. What does that even mean? They are asking for people who are buying too much food. I do not understand, but we will keep prepping, and I hope that you do as well. I will post more once we find out what our new nation will look like in the coming days. Stay safe and keep on prepping.

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