In recent times

Throughout the holidays, there has not been much done specifically to add to the preps. However, There have been some dual purpose things that may help with preps. One of which was another inflatable kayak I got my wife. We know have seating for 4 in our 2 kayaks, and they are easily transportable and convenient to carry. Our bugout location has a water border, and it is a decent sized body of water.

We are also looking for a new vehicle for myself here in the spring. I think I found one. There is a semi-local auto repair shop/auto sales that sells vehicles I am interested in. Jeep Cherokees. Older 90’s Cherokees with far less computers and easy to repair. They fix all rust damage properly, with metal, and only deal with low mileage and good shape, in and out. They come from a highly respected friend of mine who let me know of them. Someone I trust. Someone in my group.

It is amazing when you prep, and have basic conversations with friends and co-worlers you get along with, how many people really are preppers, whether just starting out or in it further than you. I do think I have a benefit of working with a lot of veterans. A lot of us are preppers in one faucet or another.

Anyway, back to the Jeep. I used to have a jeep. Worked on it a lot. Off roader type. The car I have now is not very prepper friendly, due to space limitations, non-roofing ability and no 4WD. That and with a trailer, even on dirt roads, what are really the odds of a2WD car getting anywhere? The Jeep will do much better, and parts are common. This is the next big prep we have going on.

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