Fear the walking coronavirus?

My personal belief is to not worry about the novel coronavirus right now. What do I mean by that? I simply mean that I would not expect running to the store and going into debt over masks and such. Continue your usual routine, prepping and so forth. I would keep a very close eye on it as it develops. I bought 2 packs of N95 masks during a normal shopping trip. That being said, I do have some heavier duty respirators from a previous job that is still good to go in the original packaging.

I do not believe that, at this time, it is something to be overly concerned about to the point of worry. I believe that, currently, there is a lot of extremes being put out, acting like this is already spread to the furthest reaches of the universe, was caught when bats and/or snakes crossed through a crop circle, and was taken to market. (I am aware this is not the case, but some of the information out there is just as farfetched.) My suggestion is to take precautions, such as washing your hands, keeping from touching your face, and carry hand sanitizer. When shopping, is it a good idea to buy some non-perishables? Certainly! But when isn’t that a good idea for a prepper?

I believe that watching what is going on in China, and there quarantine, that there is a representative sample of issues that CAN happen, if this develops further in the U.S. However, right now it is still in its infancy, and can die out or become something no one believes can happen. I feel that it is definitely worth keeping an eye on, but should bring you to your knees in desperation. I was talking to a relative who hadn’t even heard of this virus yet. This blew my mind, and it is a very mainstreamed news topic at the moment.

I ask that you stay in the know, look at more sources than facebook and twitter, and pay attention the some worth while sources such as the CDC and the WHO(not the band.) I would not say skimp over precautions, and grab some things when you are shopping, but do not freak out and overextend yourself. Remember, only you can justify what every step in prepping is worth to you and your family. I will not put them in danger, and that includes over extending my finances at the current time.

I would suggest you plan for a future where this gets out of control, but plan, do not act. Act accordingly to what you see fit. I don’t want to see anyone not properly prepared, but at this time, I cannot see spending lots of money on a relatively small risk. However, set your precedence. At what level will you define this as a bugout situation? At the same time, is that not the same issue that occurred in China when there was a quarantine that was going to be in affect and people from the infected area started spreading all over? That being said, I could not see myself saying to my family that “we are staying in the infected zone because it is the right thing to do, so, you know, hope you do not die.”

Again, plan for what actions you might take. When work might be too big of a risk. If you work around a lot of people, it may be sooner than if you work fairly isolated anyhow. Make sure you have plans, and make sure you and your plans are actionable. Pay attention to real news. I personally do not have facebook, but there was a girl in her early 20’s that thought coronavirus was a joke, and she liked corona, so she posted that she had the coronavirus. Pay attention to news worth paying attention, and truly think about what you may do, but do not jump out of your seats in the heat of the moment. Be steadfast, and learn about what is going on in the world around you. The novel Coronavirus has the potential to be very dangerous, but use caution when reading random new articles. Take nothing at face value, as no one is an expert at the moment. Look into reliable sources, plan accordingly, plan ahead and follow what you believe is right. Only you can justify your actions.

Stay safe.

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