The sad state of race relations (locally)

Just a short little local story. The last 2 times I have gone to walmart there has been race issues. Not anything directly to do with me, but very interesting. There were faults on both sides. The first time, I was behind 2 old men, each pushing their own cart very slowly, I mean these were very elderly men. We are all walking through one of the main walmart highways. There is a group of people blocking the main aisle. The 2 men stop and wait until there is room to go through. As they start to proceed, a female started laughing, running in a large circle paying no mind and hit one of the carts being pushed by the old guy. She stops and jumps up, and all the other people in their group look like this old man intentionally hit her with his cart, when the opposite was the truth. The 2 older men walked through, and nothing came of it.

The next time I was at walmart, I did my shopping and was heading to my car. There was a couple in 1 aisle and a single guy in another aisle. The single guy was older, I would say mid 50’s. The couple was probably mid 30’s. The single older guy kept yelling across the parking lot, and the man in the couple was getting drawn in and decided better of it. The older guy kept prodding and prodding, yelling. There were people keeping an eye on the situation, almost looking for something to kick off. I could care less, and had my kid with me. We left.

Notice, I did not bring race up in either story. Both stories were black and white. The issue is that, before all this race stuff in the news, I guarantee the first issue probably would not have been a cause for concern. This walmart is in a college town, and there are usually all sorts of people around. It does seem like, locally, however, that people are starting to go out more in groups. You know, security in numbers. Can I blame these people? Not at all, our country is going in the crapper, and the reason why is propaganda.

If which characters were set-up by race, some people would have a judgement. The race does not matter, but the scenarios do. There is no reason for a group of people to be blocking the main aisle through walmart and getting a little fired up about a couple older gentlemen trying to get through. The other, yelling across the parking lot, trying to incite something, is petty and ridiculous. I am not going to get involved in a shouting match in the walmart parking lot. It seems like this individual was trying to light a powder keg.

Don’t be sheep. Know that a mans worth comes not from his skin color, religious preference, sexual orientation or gender identity, but from his character. Yeah, you may not want to hang out with a tranny at your kids birthday party or whatever, but if that is not your thing, that is cool. Just don’t go actively seeking these people to cause stress and violence. Worry about your family and your friends. Stay safe and be prepared.

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