Politics with the election

Real short and sweet. Biden is getting pissy about the ACA going to the supreme court, and that a lot of people can lose their insurance. My issue comes with why I have to pay 250% more for my insurance, which is worse than it was before, so that other people can have insurance? The problem comes from the ridiculous prices for medical care, not making communism in healthcare, where I make less money for my family so other have more. Why work when I can get it without working? Because I am a patriot, a red-blooded American who believes that you work for what you want.

Another issue has to do with Pennsylvania votes. My wife and I had applied for mail in ballots for the primaries. We turned them in too late, and did not get mail in ballots. This was fine, as I wanted to vote in person anyway. Come closer to November 3rd, and we get mail in ballots in the mail, along with an awful lot of paper junk mail about the elections and mail in ballots.

We decided to vote in person, and these mail in ballots were burnt with the rest of the trash. When we went to vote, they said we had mail in ballots. Keep in mind, we were denied mail in ballots due to turning in the paper work late, then we apparently automatically receiving them. We ended up filling out Provisional ballots. You are supposed to be able to check the status in 3-7 days after election day. There is still nothing online from our receipt number.

The biggest issue? There are at least 80,000 of these provisional ballots from mostly red counties in PA, that has not been counted. The assumption is that Biden was winning, so that should continue. This has a very false narrative behind it. The other issue is that it was announced not to claim the presidency until it has been certified and completed. Biden has announced victory, we are being told not to question it, even when there are so many votes in PA not counted, and that apparently there is no way votes could be involved in fraud in the U.S. Is this not the issue the democrats claimed for the last 4 years?

If Biden wins legitimately, then so be it. I will respect the choice of the people. I do, however, feel that there is an awful lot of issues going on with the election. I want to see where this goes through the courts. I think this is far from over, especially with the way the democrats are pushing for literally half the country to get over it, and do what we say. No Thank you.

Stay safe, and stay prepared.

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