New repeater for net use.

So, my county has an ARES group for ham radio. We have had sections of our county having less than desirable access to our repeater. Signal only goes so long. We had a net on the new repeater, and the community access was amazing. Before it appeared that if you had bad cell service, you had bad repeater access. Now we have access to the repeater. This is great because it opens up a lot in the way on canvassing the community.

I feel a lot better having access to the repeater, especially when it comes to prepping. Right now, our biggest concern has to do with things like lock downs and such, where we still have power and comms. I still have poor service where I live, and this county repeater with a nice range for us is an important step in the right direction.

Make sure you pay attention to communication growth in your communities, and you keep up to date with your updates and upgrades to local communications. Make plans, you can even use the 3-3-3 plan as a basic plan.

Stay safe and stay prepared.

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