Body Armor Lead times ARE accurate.

I purchased body armor plates back on OCT 18th, 2020. Where I purchased had a 42 day lead time. This puts shipping out at November 27th. This is a holiday, Black Friday. My armor shipped out on the 25th, and should arrive on the 30th.

I can say that I am glad I purchased my armor then. I am not suggesting that there is going to be anything specific going on, but I would rather be safe. On that note, depending on how the hearing finish up today in PA based on the election procedure, could open a wound with everything related to the election. Somehow riots and looting appears to have stopped completely post-election. This is an inaccuracy from local sources across the country.

The fact that these things are not fitting the narrative and therefore not being pushed on the news is kind of embarrassing. I can only imagine the issues if anything does end up being changed for this election. I have my views and I am sure you have yours. Our political views aren’t for mash up here, but the reaction if hearings change the outcome of the election will be a big deal.

I am happy to have armor delivered in a few days. If you wish to order armor, don’t wait. Currently the wait times appear to be staying the same. Some companies are waiting for up to 10 weeks. I personally ordered from Tactical Scorpion Gear, steel plates, spall coating, level 3A for the fronts and level 3 for sides and back. We also ordered the trauma pads. we used the coupon code “thegunpenguin” which really made the armor affordable. I found the code online, and it was still working when I ordered.

Stay prepared and stay safe. Keep watch on whatever is occurring.

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