Friendly Warning!

This is just a short little piece I am writing here. The media is hedging its bets on vaccinations cutting covid-19 cases. The same people who said no masks needed and now say 2-3 masks are needed are saying that we are at a corner of the pandemic, and should Americans take the necessary steps forward, we could be out from under the pandemic by July 4th. I don’t believe that, I cannot believe that. Why? The reason is because they are stating things like a 4th wave. The difference between now and the early 1900’s is that we took measures to slow the spread. I do not believe we are at a 4th wave, as the media reports, but I believe we are at the beginning of the second wave. A wave is measured by a mutation leading the pack, not just a few cases here and there. I am writing this as I am currently sick and feeling awfully familiar to back in November when I was sick with covid.

I ask that you pay attention to what is really going on in the world around you and not just assessing the world based on a media platform that is helping control the population. Be wary of what may come next, and hope for the best. I hope things are almost done, and that the new flu will just be part of our regular lives. I can tell you I have been having long term affects, and I never really got that sick. I have had a shortness of breath for months. In my field, that could become very dangerous. I am working on cardio to build it back up, for which I saw no significant changes, and am now curious how being sick again may affect things. I am not saying it is covid this time, at least not yet, but it could be.

Anyways, just be safe, be prepared and please pay attention.

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