Pathetic neighbors as an example of bad times ahead.

My neighbors have been a pain in the ass since the day they moved in. They brought drugs into our neighborhood along with a string of robberies. This really opened my eyes to what could happen if everything we know now were to just end. If people can get away with these types of crimes now, imagine what could happen if WROL happened?

Well, the pathetic part is that these people cannot even pay their bills. Last august the water was shut off for weeks on end. Twice last year, these people were driving unregistered vehicles with no insurance or inspection. Last week, their gas was shut off, and turned back on a week later. Now the electric is off. These people have 4 children under the age of 8, and those kids must feel like they live in a third-world country.

Now I could care less about the living situation of the moron neighbors, but it did make me think. Power outage, hot water and refrigeration are gone. No gas? Heat is gone. No water? All sanitation is gone. There is so much more involved with losing each of these services, but the average people in the U.S. couldn’t be bothered with that kind of worry. How about when your local security, say cameras, run on wireless internet?

I can say that I am set up for a half decent survival for loss of services, but what happens when other people are not set up for their own survival? This is another aspect we need to keep track of. This falls in line with security. We all think of security post-apocalypse, but what about during the fall of man? Think about what you would do should your neighbors, especially the ones you couldn’t care less for, decide to come for what you have.

Think about what your lines are, and at what point you may have to defend yourself and your family. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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