Adding to your stores now while you still can.

The current prices of goods will not be dropping in the foreseeable future. Food seems to be going through the same hikes, albeit at a slower rate, as wood is. Like stated before, a 2X4 used to cost just over $3, and now it is over $9 each. Food prices are going up. Your stores are literally becoming more valuable by the day.

We went shopping on monday and picked up some extra groceries. Some of it was things like cheese crackers for the kids, and some of it was more for storage. I even b ought a ham for canning. It is fully cooked, really just needs cut up and canned. We are also working with onions and peppers, although this is more for use than stores. It you dice your peppers and onions, and put them in the freezer in a single layer for an hour or 2, they freeze, and you store them in an airtight container. They will be good for a month or more in the freezer as opposed to a few days, maybe a week, in the fridge.

Every day moving forward we prepare for what may be coming. This additional food being stored is additional days to stay alive. Some of the things I am worried about now is the future of what we can and cannot do. I have stated before about the EUA and the vaccines.

Myself and my wife both work in the public sector, in places where certain mandated rules can be adopted easier than in private businesses. This is especially true for somewhere where there is a Democrat leader. There is risk, and in my opinion, a very high risk of the second wave hitting this summer. What appears to be an even higher risk to me is that work places will be requiring the jab. If you refuse, you are unable to work. This has already been happening at a local hospital, but only in certain departments within the hospital.

Losing employment is a SHTF, albeit a personal level. They are testing vaccines on children as young as 6 months old, and EUA for kids as young as 12. The politicians are also trying to get this in play before next school year. It seems like they want to force the vaccine and push opposers to the wayside.

Anyways, back to the food at hand. I think we truly need to buy what we can afford at the time we can afford it. I also think that buying ingredients instead of whole products is important as well. Learning how to cook bread with flour, water and yeast will make you have a much larger supply at a much more affordable cost/loaf of bread. I know there are more ingredients, but it depends on which bread you are making.

Learn to store what you have. The most affordable way I have found to store food long term is with 5 gallon buckets and mylar bags. They stack half nice as well. With that being said, I am going to go do some house work. Remember, todays prices are going to be as low as they will b e for some time. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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