And so it begins… again.

So yesterday I wrote a little about New York City’s vaccine mandate for the general population. Merely a day later and Los Angeles is considering the same. New York City did not make another app for the vaccine passport, but are allowing the use of the 2 pre-existing apps for the vaccine passport along with the paper copy.

A day ago I mentioned that New York City was the tip of the spear. LA is next. The downward spiral will be similar but opposite to diminishing returns. It will be increasing liberal policy. Bear in mind that there is not a single FDA approved vaccine, although they are trying to rush FDA approval on the Pfizer vaccine. Phase I/II trials of the Pfizer vaccine started last July, 1 year ago, and that was the earliest vaccine into trials. The quickest vaccine ever made was the mumps vaccine, which took 4 years to create. Over half the adult population in the U.S. has received one of these non-FDA approved vaccines.

Keep in mind that while the vaccinated are blaming the non-vaccinated for the spreading of the virus, the vaccinated are carrying the same viral load and spreading just as much as the non-vaccinated. The vaccinated are more likely to be asymptomatic spreaders, which is more dangerous. On top of that, with the virus still multiplying in the vaccinated peoples bodies, it seems like they make great hosts for creating a vaccine resistant covid strain. I understand this is a common sense line of thinking and does not fit our politicians narrative, but as you have seen in my last post, the evidence is out there.

Keep in mind, there are plenty of cases where the risk of the vaccine is worth it. I will never tell someone they are wrong for getting the vaccine. I will tell you that it is a personal choice, and outside of the wierdos out there who think there are microchips and DNA de-stabilizers in the vaccine, that seems a little tin hatty, I don’t judge and neither should you.

Also, the media is starting a new campaign on the vaccine trail. They are blaming unvaccinated parents for children getting sick. This seems to be a counter-intuitive point when the same science is saying that vaccinated people are catching and spreading this virus. The vaccine is not supposed to prevent you from getting sick, but instead prevent you from showing symptoms. This is dramatically different stating that you get the vax so you don’t get the virus. Things have changed.

The media is helping push the narrative of 2 Americas and a pandemic of the unvaccinated. There is a lot more current flip-flopping going around on the news and local leaders along with national leaders. There is more restrictions coming, but it may be solely based on vaccination status by the end of the year or into the next year. I feel like schools will be shut down again. Whatever you do and you feel, please stay safe and keep preparing.

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