It has been a while

I have not written in a little while. No reason other than just doing other things. I had ordered the chimney and through-wall kit for my wood stove, got new fire bricks for said stove, wire brushed the wood stove to apply polish and got 2 cords of wood. I needed to build something to protect the firewood from the elements, which will work for now. I had to stack the wood into its shelter. I have had to tear out a basement window, build a frame and run the through pipe kit. I am currently trying to find my tapcon screws so I can run the chimney the rest of the way.

I have also been working a lot of overtime, by no choice of mine, following our wonderful mandate plan. It appears that the mandate plan works on seeing if you have something planned on your days off and ruining those plans. It really is amazing how well that works. Today was also a very amazing day for 1 simple reason…

QRP labs had a batch of their QDX 4-band 5W digital transceiver. This is a kit that allows you to do digital all in one package. You just need this and the computer (obviously an antenna and power, but you get the idea.) They sold out in less than 5 minutes, but I was lucky to get 1 of the kits, so I will be looking forward to getting the kit and putting it together. Just wanted to do a quick update before trying to find these darn screws. Everything I am doing is steps toward prepping.

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