Taking care of yourself

I have had some dental issues throughout the last couple of months. Nothing major up front, but things come up. I had my annual cleaning, but got mandated at work. I was rescheduled. Then my son was sent home quarantined, so I had to reschedule. Then my dentist had her baby, so I was rescheduled. The day of my appointment, all was going well, then policy got in the way. Since it had been over a year from my last appointment, I had to wait until the dentist was back from maternity leave.

Ok, that will be fine. Later that day, I broke a tooth on a tums. Oh crap! Luckily I had a root canal on that tooth and there wasn’t any pain. Whew! I finally get to an appointment (about 6 months after my initial appointment) and we make a plan of attack. A couple days later that broken tooth is loose and wiggling all the way to the end of the root. This is killing my gums. It feels like broken glass poking any time the tooth is bumped. I called the dentist to see if I could get a sooner appointment. They told me if someone cancels. Thank goodness someone did. I go tomorrow.

This tooth issue is bad, but could be much worse if SHTF. I have some oragel that was helping, and I ordered clove oil to have in stock. If SHTF, I certainly would have yanked this out on my own, and it would be less painful over time that way. I tried, but didn’t want to cause any unneeded damage, and honestly kind of bitched up when it started bleeding. Keep in mind that dental issues can become serious fast as infections can move to the brain rather quickly.

The point of this post is showing how something small can become a big deal compounded with time and situations. Make sure that anything you have going on is taken care of as soon as possible. This is also why I am looking at corrective eye surgery this year. Get it done while we can. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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