As Days Go By…

Over the last couple of years many remakes of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” could have, and have been made. There is so much negativity in our world everyday that it is easy to lose yourself in the media and global events, let alone local and personal events. Everyday there are new headlines like “Monkeypox is the next Pandemic,” “Pelosi goes to Taiwan, China start live ammo drills,” “Covid-BA1.6.15 is coming,” and “Biden printing more money stating this time is different and won’t cause inflation…”

Life happens, and the world progresses. Realistically we must remember that problems are temporary, and almost always human problems. That is why we must prep. Unfortunately when people are involved, so are feeling, every single time. We, as a species, are unable to realistically divide ourselves from our emotions to use rational thinking about something you feel very strongly about. That and it seems like every other world leader just wants to keep poking once they find out what pisses you off.

This is when we have to remember what is really important, ourselves and our families, and those for whom we prep. Prepping also doesn’t just specify stacking food, water and shelter, but means so much more. As we see every day, we are inches away from global conflict, Axis and Allies of the 21st century have been forged, energy seems to be a commodity that will get very expensive, and both sides don’t want to budge but the other wants each to move.

This means the potential of certain things to become very sparse. This can, and probably will, include medical care. Making sure you are taking care of medical issues as they arise is very important. We have had a lot go on this year, but that is not my place to talk about. What I have coming up, however, is all with in my place to speak of. I wear glasses/contacts. SHTF would be very bad if you couldn’t see a threat coming. I am having corrective eye surgery to eliminate that possibility. I am aware this is elective, but we have also been taking care of other medical things that are not elective.

The biggest thing we have to do is look forward and plan accordingly. We can stress over every article put in the news, but remember to live your life. Prep like your life depends on it, but don’t get buried in stress and prepping. My life is good as I have been prepping, and still prep, but I am living my life with my wife and kids. Make sure you stay safe and stay prepared.

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